Find Out The Most Effective SEO Strategies with Green Genie SEO

Find Out The Most Effective SEO Strategies With Green Genie SEO

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With today’s rapidly shifting world, the techniques on SEO may change on a dime and the worst is that you might not know it. Hacks that might have won you a front-page result in the past might not work with today’s changes on algorithm. In fact, some of the techniques in the past might hurt the rankings of your website.

Enhance Engagement for Increased Rankings

Engagement is basically the ability to hold the attention of users. When it comes to SEO terms, it’s a measure of the time spent on the page. Even if Google has not officially declared it, there’s evidence to suggest that Google does reward the websites with good user engagement with high page ranking. There is a definite correlation between the page’s bounce rate as well as its organic position. The higher the bounce rate of the web page, the lower it is ranked in the search.

Try Focusing on YouTube SEO

YouTube videos basically rank in the top pages of Google search more frequently compared to some kinds of videos. YouTube is the second most famous search engine with billions of searches every month, surpassing AOL, Yahoo, and Bing combined. By focusing on your YouTube SEO would push your site to Google’s first page will get you traffic from YouTube. 

Boost the Speed of Your Site

Google announced that it’d be using the speed of the website as a ranking factor. Since then, Google has emphasized the significance of the speed of the website consistently. Google launched PageSpeed tool to help the developers enhance the performance of websites, followed by another project that will boost the speed on the mobile sites. However, the exact meaning of site sped is being speculated. In a survey done, most web users expect the site to load in two seconds or lesser.

Once the website failed to launch in three seconds, there’s a great chance they will abandon it. You must work on the speed of your website not only on the rankings of your site. This will not only boost your traffic, but also you will be able to increase your conversions. As a matter of fact, it was found that many web shoppers who have troubles with the site performance will not return to the website to purchase again. 

Concentrate on the Topics Rather Than Keywords

Google continues to evolve along with its algorithm. Its objective today is to understand the user’s intention including what they’re looking for, what users expect, and what search results could best help answer their queries. Moreover, for more queries, Google shows the rich results, which include the best answer. Never expect that your website would end up at Google’s first page simply through making content that is keyword-focused. It isn’t enough to look at the keywords alone. You have to look at the whole context. In other words, you should consider what users are searching for instead of coming up with several ways that users may phrase search queries. 

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