What is a Dofollow vs Nofollow Link

Most of the website owners are aware of the truth that link building is one of the most imperative parts of any SEO strategy. For this reason, many webmasters started posting unrelated advertisements to forums and weblogs. All these advertisements usually contain one or many links to their sites. This way they try to get higher page ranks and also better ranking in the top search engines. But this is the dirtiest black hat tactics and those doing this are known as spammers. To reduce this kind of spam Google developed no-follow attribute. Therefore the links with this kind of attribute are called no-follow links and those without it are called do-follow links.

There is a difference between do-follow sites and no-follow site. What actually does the no-follow attribute do? It enables you to create a link which works similar to any other link, but that is not considered in the search algorithm. To be precise a no-follow link will not send out any link juice and also the anchor text that is used in it does not help the webpage you are pointing to rank high.

On the other hand, do-follow links are regular links. This link sends out link juice to the website and the keywords that are used help to rank high. Many times, you need to use do-follow links, specifically if you want to build backlinks to your own website. However, there are some cases where using no-follow links make more sense.

If you link your website to a do-follow site usually the search engines acknowledge your link and you will attain what is called a backlink to your website. And if you link to a no-follow site the search engines does not acknowledge the link as a backlink to the website.

If you desire to build backlinks to your website and get higher rankings for your pages you require ensuring that you are linking your site to do-follow sites, which comprise of higher ranking sites with a higher page ranks as well as high authority. If a “do follow” designation is done, Google will look at the link as a backlink to the targeted pages. And if a “no follow” designation is made, it will not use it as a backlink to the targeted page.

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